Time to advertise during the Super Bowl

As the Super Bowl approaches, Bud Light made another move to attract its loyal customers with more unexpected excitement. Let’s first look at last year’s commercial, which I like a lot and it still get me goosebumps every time I watched it.

2014 Commercial (features lucky Ian and so many celebrities!)

So this year, Bud Light has the same way to ask a guy whether he is open to “whatever happen next” plot but with a different version and style compared to last year’s campaign.

2015 Commercial (features lucky Riley and adorable PacMan )

Here are the reasons why Bud Light insist on applying this type of commercials:

“We found out that Millennials value experience more than tangible goods so all year long we’ve created these “Up for Whatever” experiences for our real consumers who are drinking Bud Light. It’s really just finding people at drinking events, and if they’re drinking Bud Light, rewarding them with awesome experiences.” —  Nick Kelly, spokesperson for Bud Light. Source from: http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/02/budweiser-super-bowl-commercial-brewed-the-hard-way/385072/


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