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If you don’t know Aimee Song, at least you should heard of her famous blog “Song of Style“. Since her blog is full of everything that wins both girls and women’s hearts, it’s not surprising that she attracts 4 million views a month and the collaboration with some retail clothing companies. Her blog contains various themes: outfit, beauty, travel, interior design, fashion week. However, sometimes Song will write something special for her viewers, like the Valentine’s Day handicraft: Confetti Balloon DIY.

red balloon

Image retrieved from Song of Style

Before discussing why I love about Song of Style, let me give you some brief introduction of Aimee Song and her blog:

  • At age 26 and works as a Fashion Blogger and an interior designer.
  • Her blog was founded in 2008 and has 4 million monthly views.
  • Blog post frequency: 4-5 times a week.
  • Instagram followers: 1.9 million. 359,285 likes on Facebook. Twitter followers: 50,300. Pinterest: 73,843 followers.
  • Collaborated with Botkier, Charcoal, Fossil, Levi’s Macy’s, Seven For All Mankind, among others.
Camel Coat and Suede Thigh High Boots

Image retrieved from Song of Style

There are several reasons for me to be addicted to Song’s blog:

1) It’s All About What Girls will be interested!

 (Image: retrieved from Song of Style)

As I mention above, Song of Style covers multiple chic categories and I specially like her outfit posts. To get some inspiration and advice from the professional “stylist”! Even though sometimes her picks aren’t that suitable for me (I mean in the aspect of shape. She has a perfect one!). In addition, the way she displays her outfits and other beauty products is quite alluring. It is full of the spirit of non-conformist and bold but in the meantime she keeps her feminine side. The contrast of the elements inside those images and content just make Song of Style even more enticing so I always look forward to her next post!

2) The Strong Engagement

While writing an article, Aimee Song always uses sincere tone as if she is addressing her words to a friend. For instance, in Pink Blazer and Boyfriend Jeans, she opens the sentences with a question: “What’s your favorite way of dressing up boyfriend jeans?” and then she gives out her opinion and examples on how she wears boyfriend jeans. Sometimes she will end her pieces of work with an ending question like “How do you wear your ________?” or “What brand do you like?” Song invites her viewers to interact with her so if you take a look at each of her posts’  comments, the numbers are always immense.

3) Comfortable to Read

The first step for a blog to retain its audiences is to have a wonderful UX interfaces: it has to be clean, scannable,  nice-spaced, and with appropriate number of images. Then, the next step is all about content. Personally, I think Song of Style has an exceptional well-designed reading interface for the viewers; it consists of the components that a user needs while viewing a blog. Moreover, the menu bar is very clear and categorized, especially when you click the button “Categories +”, you will see the other categorization:


Image retrieved from Song of Style

4) Multiple Social Sharing Platforms

Another feature I love about Song of Style is that the website contains nearly every social platform button (at the right top and right bottom of the blog) used by Aimee Song so that I can follow all the posts she made on other social sites immediately. If you are interested in more of her daily life, one can scroll to the bottom and find her Instagram images or just go check her Youtube channel by clicking “video” on the menu bar.


Image retrieved from Song of Style

video channel

Image retrieved from Aimee Song’s Youtube channel

Most interesting part is that, Song also manages her own online clothing store with her sister and they creates another blog named “TWO SONGS” which sells the clothes designed by them. They both are so destined to be models! Born with attitudes!

2 songs

Image retrieved from TWO SONGS

To me, Song of Style is a very mature blog according to the visit statistics and Aimee Song’s success as a blogger, there is no room for further comment. However, if this blog can be translated into other languages not in English exclusively, I think Song of Style can not only attract more eyeballs but also become an ultimate fashion blog worldwide. (Just an assumptions :-P)

Go dive into the glamorous side of the fashion world:


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