Have You Gone Too Mobile?

People nowadays are more easily addicted to mobile phones and tablets because they are so convenient to get information. We spend more time on these devices with higher usage frequency, which is  well noticed by the marketers and they are trying to step their feet more into mobile advertising. However, have you ever noticed that maybe you are not interacting with people and spending too much time with your mobile devices?

In order to examine my own condition, I used the questions provided by my professor and tracked what I did with my iPhone and iPad for 3 days: from Feb 8th to 10th. And here comes the result:

1. What brand activity did you do?

The top three brand activities I did in these three days are chatting with friends on Facebook Messenger (44 times), Line message (34 times), and viewing friends’  posts and News feeds on Facebook (27 times). Therefore, it is quite obvious that I spend most of my time using social media app with my phone and tablet, which is also very common among millennials: we chat, we share, we express things.

Next, the activities follow by sending messages and adding contacts via Wechat (21 times), entering NYU login portal for mailbox and NYUClass (20 times), checking mails in Gmail, posting and viewing photos on Instagram (16 times).

The rest of the apps I used is more function-oriented. Google Maps for searching my destination, Yelp for finding a nice restaurant, Bus checker for buses arrival times, Dropbox for sharing and downloading the files, Chase app for ensuring transaction and quick pays, etc. As for Spotify and CBS app, the former one is for music and the latter is for TV series, more like getting some entertainment during my leisure time.

The statistic records:

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2. What topics did you search?

2/8: Homework for C-suite leadership perspective (Stanley Yen), Homework for Digital Marketing (Song of Style, Aimee Song), AT&T billing, postage for international letter, 2015 Grammy’s winners, Chow Chow.

2/9: Homework for Digital Marketing (Song of Style, Aimee Song), Digital Marketing, NY Daily News, GLOSSYBOX.

2/10: Disney, Jozii, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Grammy Awards stars performance, Refinery29, Side Bar.

3. What mobile ads did you see–were they appropriate?

2/8: The mobile apps I used seldom have advertisements. However, Bus checker do have ads at the bottom of the mobile screen. The size of those ads are appropriate for viewing and clicking.

2/9: Bus checker’s ads and the commercial I watched on Spotify for the next ad-free 30 minutes of listening.

2/10: N/A

4. Did you share anything?

2/8: Posted via Twitter about 2015 Grammy’s winners. Via Instagram for 2 photos I posted to record my moment of thoughts.

2/9: N/A

2/10: Shared the food photos I took from NYU Campus Cash via Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

5. What did you photograph?

2/8: A wine store’s wine display to have a  snapshot  of girls’ night last night. A girl walked on the streets with two whole foods paper bags which means become independent.

2/9: My lunch today, the delicious pizza for the dinner and my repaired mac.

2/10:  Food photos of NYU Campus Cash vendor fair, Washington Square, a Teddy bear and Marketing Mixer at the bar.

6. Did you text anyone or tweet while watching TV?

I don’t have TV at my houses but I text to friends while using Mac and iPad (10 times) no matter I’m at home, classroom or Bobst library.

7. What would have helped in your day to day? (did you think of a mobile solution that you wished you had?)

Mobile total

Regarding my extreme obsess with messenger and social site apps as well as the high frequency of checking my iPhone  (5 times per hour), I need to find a way to keep me from constantly looking at my mobile devices (i.e., iPhone and iPad). The first solution I can think of is to turn off the notification of those apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Line and Wechat so that I won’t be distracted from my serious schoolworks.

The next step will be setting an alarm to keep me from spending extra time on those apps. For example, before using Facebook Messenger, I should set a time reminder so when 15 minutes pass, I can get to do what I should really do. Actually, I’m hoping that maybe someday those social apps can be integrated into one channel but since it’s impossible right now since every app has its own feature and appeals, the best way is to know how to make balance between your real life and the crowded virtual platforms.


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