How To Increase Your Website Traffic 1000% In 8 Weeks?

The short answer is content marketing. Sounds simple and confused at the same time right? “Content Marketing” is becoming a buzz word for every marketer in recent years. Some believe its power and some don’t. However, the fact is that the effects of content marketing has been widely proved in many successful cases, especially for blogging. Take Tresnic Media as an classic example, its Blogging Case Study: Increasing Website Traffic 1,000% In 8 Weeks is one of the most amazing cases in digital marketing industry.

How did they made it? Increase website traffic 1,000% just in 8 weeks (2 months?!) The number sounds hard to believe! Yes, it is unbelievable but its success didn’t come from the miracle but the strong determination and well-organized strategic planning. Here are the golden guidelines from the case:

1. Write your blog posts as frequently and continuously as possible.

Tresnic Media had 50 blog posts in 25 days. That is, 2 blog posts a day, which really takes commitment and creativity. Firstly, it is hard to force yourself sitting in front of the computer and write a blog post each day. Tresnic Media makes it even more extreme to be 2 blog posts a day. With higher posting frequency, your latest post will be ranked more quickly by Google.

So why 50 blog posts? Based on the article, it said”50 blog posts seemed like a nice round number and there was a rumor that 50 was the magic number for blogging. Although the number is not scientifically proved, it’s not too bad to have some mystery belief behind. 😉

Tip: you might want to consider an editorial calendar to keep you on the posting track. Sometimes, encouragement and remind from colleagues or boss may help too!

2. Produce problem-solving or consumer-valued contents

Having 2 articles to write in a day, which means 10 unique articles a week, you might ask how can I find the topic during such insufficient time? According to the article, one should always find his or her targets first, searching for their common problems and then write the articles that can solve their problems. Or you can look for what your targets are talking about and pick the right one to be your topic. The point is you have to add value into your content and make it sharable.

Tip: Search topics from relevant forums, groups, social sites, or use Google Trends for inspiration.

3. Share blog posts on every social platforms and communities

Never underestimate the impact of sharing! Every content or work won’t become popular unless someone shares it. Once you share your blog post on various social sites or relevant groups, you will increase its visibility and reach more target audiences. In an even better circumstance, the readers might share your content with others and make it viral.

In the Tresnic Media’s case, the blogger puts 50% of the time writing his articles and uses the other 50% of the time sharing the contents. After five weeks, he creates 438% increase of the company’s website traffic and even when he stops the posting routine, the number still goes up: improve to 1,000% increase in website traffic. Pretty amazing, huh?

Tip: Smartly and strategically choose the platforms where you share the articles. Always share the link of the blog post with few context and a catchy image. BTW, good #hashtag matters.

After scanning through Tresnic Media’s case, I find out that there’s actually a loop behind the scene: when you create content, it may attract the audience, then the audience share it with others and you search the topic from them to create new content. Here’s my simplified graph about the concept:

We can learn a few digital marketing strategies from this case. Some of them might sounds easy (or intimidating?) to you but it becomes very hard for a person to be quite resolute about writing blog and in the meantime promoting it everyday. I myself is an example of blog quitter but now I have my determination not only because of this is the schoolwork assigned by my professor but also I love sharing my observation in marketing field.

So here are some key takeaway from this article:

1. Write your blog posts as frequently and continuously as possible.

2. Produce problem-solving or consumer-valued contents

3. Share blog posts on every social platforms and communities

Good luck with your content marketing or blogging plan! You might want to have an editorial calendar first. If you want to learn more about optimizing your website and increasing traffic, go to Quality Content Essential for SEO Success for 2015 SEO study statistics.


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