Everything Starts From Optimizing Your UX

UX, a strange combination of two English characters, is the abbreviation of User Experience. This term can’t be valued more nowadays because our customers are becoming harder than ever to acquire. Take an example of a company’s website, if you didn’t provide an easy-to-use and comfortable looking platform, your consumers or potential clients might be discouraged when they visit the website at the first time or when they try to learn more information about the company. Thus, the very first thing you need to concern is to improve or develop your site with greater UX and UI.

So what is UX?

Here’s a brief but easy-to-understand definition:

User Experience (UX) Design is a holistic orientation looking at how “what we make” impacts people, business, and the world; as well as the strategy to implement it.  – Erik Dahl

And what are we pursuing?

The ultimate User Experience is when the customers can use your products or platforms instinctively without extra effortful thinking. Make them enjoy the moment and experience. Therefore, what you need to do is to lower their cognitive strains as much as possible because these strains will lessen the likelihood of them taking desirable actions.

However, in the meantime, you also need to consider the essence of UX: UI, which is User Interface and it means what you are going to let your users see. UI is very important for a website to keep the customers and make them stay as longer as possible to linger on your site. 

Here is one of my favorite site examples:

Stupid Studio


image retrieved from: https://stupid-studio.com

You can play with the interface by clicking the bottom left or right of the page and the website is just well-designed, from the colors, fonts, images and the presentation they choose! If you scroll down the page, you can find the company’s introduction, working partners and cases they had done.


image retrieved from: https://stupid-studio.com

image retrieved from: https://stupid-studio.com

image retrieved from: https://stupid-studio.com

image retrieved from: https://stupid-studio.com

image retrieved from:

Moreover, there’s a white round button at the top right corner of the web page. When you click it, it may lead you to the website’s menu.

image retrieved from: https://stupid-studio.com

image retrieved from:

What can we learn from the UI of this website?

1. Simple in the visual design

By having the right choices for plain colors in each sector, you welcome your visitors to read the context you want them to read (example: Manifesto). With every color changing in each page, the website might bring about different perception to the words as well. For example, yellow generate cheerful feeling but dark blue gives you a sense of calmness. In addition, the importance of the proper usage of white spaces can’t be stressed more. No one wants to torture his or her eyes by reading the condensed or messy sentences. My suggestion is to contain only one main idea in each page in order to make it look clean.

2. Provide more than pictures

The way Stupid Studio presents their cases is quite vivid because they applied some moving animations, which can capture the viewers’ eyes immediately.  However, don’t apply this technique too much, or your website may look too childish or like a gaming site. Moreover, creating your unique graphics is always a bonus to your site or article as well.

3. No delay in loading images or web pages

People don’t have too much patience waiting for your image to download. That is just annoying. The visitors you successfully attracted in the beginning will just simply close your site and click on the other one. How to solve this problem? Here are some suggestions from WordPress: http://wpcurve.com/wordpress-speed/

4. Be one of the kind

Your website needs to stand out from the crowds so that the possibility of being noticed will increase. Try not to copy other websites’ format or design. It will kill the authenticity, credibility and creativity of your site so please stay away from this tactic if you just started to think about it.

My last thought?

Try to view your company’s website like the visitors: wearing their glasses to see what they might see and put yourself into their shoes to feel what they feel. You may find some surprising news or things that need to be changed.



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