E-mail Marketing Is Still Sexy To Attract Your Customers!

Try to imagine the reaction of your customers when they receive your company’s email: “Oh, Not again….”, “Why should I waste my time reading this?” or just simply select it and click Trash. If your company’s e-mails become that unattractive, you know there’s a problem with the content of those e-mails.

When people are complaining about how e-mail marketing is not working, in fact, e-mail is the lead in purchasing. According to ExactTarget Mobile Dependence’s report, 56% of US consumers who have made at least one purchase because of the marketing message delivered via mobile email. The power of e-mail marketing even outperforms social media, telephone and app advertisement. Therefore, it becomes extremely crucial to not only make your company’s e-mail look appealing and irresistible but also powerful enough to generate the purchase actions.

But how? You might ask.

Here are three e-mail examples to exemplify the usage of e-mail marketing:

1. Open Table: Mad Men Dining Week


Overall user experiences:

Let’s start from the subject line: Last Chance! Dine like Mad Men This Weekend. People who have watched Mad Men will definitely want to experience the life of Don Draper. I’m actually one of them. Also, Open Table targets people who are seeking for restaurant deals or finding new places to eat. With a couple of beautiful pictures of the restaurants displayed in the e-mail, it is hard to keep your cursor from [Make Reservation] (under those images), which is the ultimate Call To Action of Open Table.


Equipped with mobile friendly interface: checked.

2. nycgo.com: 15 Reasons to Visit NYC This Spring 


Overall user experiences:

The subject line of nycgo.com is 15 Reasons to Visit NYC This Spring. It might sound tempting to people who are having spring break or want to go out because of the nicer weather. However, the subject line should be more focused to just a group of people, like 15 Reasons for Students (Movie lovers/Artists) to Visit NYC This Spring. The purpose of this e-mail is to inform the subscribers about the NYC events and arise their interests. Yet, the Call To Action appears to be weak due to the different sections of information in the e-mail, which may bombard the readers as they scroll down the page.

Equipped with mobile friendly interface: Not really. The images can’t be loaded in the mobile e-mail and some context formats look twisted.


3. Interactivity Digital: Free Training for saving time and money on marketing

Interactivity Digital

Overall user experiences:

When I receive this e-mail, I was enticed to open the e-mail because of the subject line: Are you wasting your money on marketing? This is a good way to start the conversation with your audience but in the meantime you have to make sure that it doesn’t sound like a cheesy advertisement slogan. The major target of this e-mail will be the people who suffer from devising marketing plan or have no clues to promote their companies’ products. In addition, it also attract the people who want to learn marketing strategy because Gary Henderson offers them a free training. Without long paragraphs, Mr. Henderson makes his purpose of writing this e-mail very obvious: to invite the subscribers to the free live webinar: THE SECRET TO REACHING YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS 100% OF THE TIME. As for the Call To Action, it is crystal clear as its purpose: to join the webinar.

Equipped with mobile friendly interface: checked.

What We’ve Learned

After closing my POV, there are five things you need to check your e-mail before sending it out:

  1. Have an attractive and focused subject line that can grab people’s eyes.
  2. Always Include images (even just the logo of your company) because people prefer to view pictures than context.
  3. Convey your purpose and Call To Action clearly and concisely. 
  4. Provide real values to your audiences so as to let them expect your next e-mails.
  5. Remember to design mobile friendly e-mail interface or you are going to lose a lot of audiences.

BTW, here’s a tip for you to check whether your context is as impressive as the images. The followings are the simple instructions for blocking the images when using a Mac:

1. Click [Mail], choose [Preferences] and click [Viewing].

2. Uncheck the option: Load remote content in messages.

Block image in the e-mails

3. Voilà!

e-mails without picture


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