4 Quick Tips To Create Your Engaging Content

In this competitive and cluttered business world, every brand is striving for a chance to be recognized and be noticed by the consumers. The battlefield becomes even nastier when it comes to digital platforms. Everyone is talking about “engage with the users”, “engage with the readers” “engage with the viewers” and praising everything that relates to ENGAGE. But how exactly can the marketers “engage” with the people they want to reach? To be more specific, how to create engaging content?

First, let’s go through the definition of “engage”. According to the dictionary, the definition of “engage” is to occupy, attract, involve someone’s interest/attention or cause someone to become involved inHowever, we live in the era that is filled with social media, “engage” contains broader definition than before, that is, “like it”, “share it”, “tweet it”, “follow it”, “pin it” and so on. 

Okay, so what we need to do is to create the content that attracts people and make them willing to move their fingers; then, they might spend more time with our brand. But how? You might ask that again.

That’s why the word “strategy” was created. 

Here are 4 easy to remember strategies that I concluded from the current marketing trends: how other marketers has successfully executed and gotten great results.

1. Make The Content As Educational As possible

People encounter all kinds of problems in their daily lives and they are desperate for the solutions. According to Google Analytics, more than 100M hours of how-to content have been watched in North America so far. Thus, if a company can produce the content that can deal with the problems by using its products(i.e., tips, tutorials, demos) and benefit the consumers, it will gather its harvest in the future for sure. Take Ikea’s IKEA Small Spaces series as an example, the video displays how to build a walk-in closet and it got over 2 million views on Youtube.

Yet, video are just a portion of how-to content. Social media posts and blogs are another part of the wonderland for people to explore. For instance, Quaker’s Facebook fan page serve as an ideal recipe searching platform, where you can find some inspiration to make your breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks with Quaker’s oatmeal. So far, the page had accumulated more than 1.2 million likes and gotten over a hundred likes for each post averagely.

Image Retrieved from: https://www.facebook.com/Quaker

Image Retrieved from: https://www.facebook.com/Quaker

2. Use Simple Words With Friendly Tone

If you want people to listen to you, one should avoid writing like the thesis or essay of  the scholarly professor using tons of complicated words and terms.

I don’t mean that you can’t write like that but that might have higher chance to scare your audience away. Also,  second person narrative is a great technique for engaging people. Always use “You” to shorten the distance with your targets and make them feel like you’re talking to them in person. One of the best practice I found is the blog post from Gary Vaynerchuk, a entrepreneur and the founder of Wine Library. Here’s one of his article: “The Real Problem with Automation Isn’t What You Think it Is” for you to get a taste of his straightforwardness.

P.S. Sense of humor is a plus!

3. Catch With The Current News

As marketers, we have to be very attentive with the latest news and trends so as to get involved in the game of relevancy. You want to be distinctive but in a relevant way so customer may find the connection with you. Just as the Constitution announced that same-sex marriage is legal nationwide on June 26th, Facebook quickly developed a tool (Celebrate Pride) that allows its users to add rainbow filter onto their profile picture to celebrate LGBT right. (Link for creating the rainbow tint: facebook.com/celebratepride)

Facebook rainbow tint

Facebook is not the only company that catch the right timing, here are some other companies that responded to the Supreme Court ruling and they all got awesome engagement:

Image Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/google

Image Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/google

Image Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/Starbucks

Image Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/Starbucks

Image Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/ATT

Image Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/ATT

4. Give Your Audience A Break 

So you are expecting people to read or watch your work but the truth is that no one can really concentrate on the content from the beginning to the end unless it only take less than a minute to finish…People are getting impatient these days. Then, what can we do to make the concentration part more enjoyable and less painful? Here are 3 tips which can serve as mental breaks:

  1. Have bold headings or use different font type and size 
  2. Bullet points and number listings help  
  3. Visuals (images, animations, videos, gif., etc.) matter because they are the entertainments of your content

To sum up, creating engaging content sounds like a lot of work and actually it is hard per se but if you do it right, you can gradually accumulate your audiences and make some profit out of it.



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