Thoughts After A PSA AD: Makeup Tutorial By Acid Victim

I never heard of these horrible cases that using acid to attack women until I read the article “This PSA from Ogilvy Poses as a Makeup Tutorial”.

Those attacks cause women severe damages on their faces, which are unbearable to look at. The article includes two public service announcement videos, made by Ogilvy & Mather, to send out the appeal of signing the petition in order to ban the acid that are openly sold in the markets. These videos are about the makeup tutorials by Reshma, who is one of the victims that got injured due to the acid attack. In the beginning, I could easily tell the scars on Reshma’s face but had no idea what is the purpose of having her display the makeup procedures. In the end, when she peacefully stated, “you’ll find red lipstick easily in the market…just like concentrated acid. This is the reason why, everyday a girl becomes a victim of an acid attack.”, I was shocked about the fact and that’s why I signed the petition immediately. I really like the approach Ogilvy & Mather took: start with attention-grabbing images and end up with a strong call to action.

Here are more tutorials to watch:



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