Here Comes The Bonus For Being A Shake Shacker!


Haven’t used your #ShakeShackVIP card? Here are the November Rewards for our most loyal Shake Shackers!

$2 off for the Original Cheese Set (Shake Shack Burger with Cheese Fries)

Isn’t that just perfect for shaking the Monday blues off?

Shake shack burger with fries


Thanksgiving Happy Tasting – ft. Grandma’s Apple Pie Custard on Nov. 10

We celebrate Autumn with the fervent passion for new flavor custard: Grandma’s Apple Pie! Join us for the free and exclusive tasting event just for Shake Shack VIP members. Umm…Okay, you can bring ONE friend just to share the sweet & enjoyable moment! Click here to search for the nearest Shake Shack that holds the event.

shake shack custard


Mobile Order & Pickup – Anywhere & Anytime

Download our Shake Shack App and enter your VIP card number to activate the service so that we will know you are one of the Shake Shackers! Now you can order your Shake Shack meals with the app and set a pick up time to avoid the waiting time. No hurries. No lines.

BTW, did I mention that we accept phone calls too?

shake shack line


Not yet a Shake Shacker? Click here to sign up for Shake Shack VIP! The number is limited and the clock is ticking!


Connect With Shake Shack

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.05.44 PM

Shake News is a weekly newsletter from Shake Shack for its latest information. If you wish to change the emails you receive, you can update your subscription preferences anytime or unsubscribe but don’t regret if you missed the fun!


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