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5 fun Virtual Reality apps that worth spending time on 


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OCT 10, 2015

Our expectation towards VR has been increased all the way long from the beginning of its birth. Although the headset market hasn’t been mature enough to be mass-manufactured, great amount of VR apps are being introduced to the world. If you haven’t tried a unique VR experience before, here’s your chance to dive into the ocean of VR apps. Just download it from Apple App store or Google Play and have fun!


  1. Cardboard 

google cardboard

Google’s Cardboard app allows you to turn your phone into a 3D projector and with its special cardboard headset, you can enjoy your VR journey anywhere and anytime. In the app, you can choose from tutorial, explorer, exhibition, Urban hike and kaleidoscope mode to put yourself in different simulations, such as take a street view tour, study tribal masks, go to a museum exhibition and so on.


  1. War of Words VR 

War of Words VR

This is a wartime app uses virtual reality to take you back to 1916’s Somme battlefield and into a mindset captured by Siegfried Sassoon in his controversial poem “The Kiss”. Although the content isn’t relentless as the war video game, you can still get the perspective of a fighting soldier. This product of Burrell Durrant Hifle has been praised for its beautifully captured poetry experience, which includes the partnership with BBC Arts in order to promote the BBC documentary “War of Words – Soldier Poets of the Somme”.


  1. Roller Coaster VR

Roller Coaster VR

When visiting amusement parks, we are always stirred by the excitement for riding rollercoasters. Unfortunately, holidays always end too soon. Right now Fibrum enables its customers to take the ride anytime and even without paying the entrance tickets, by introducing the Roller Coaster VR app. In this app, users can experience the beautiful jungle scenery while riding on the rollercoasters and enjoy some water travels as well.


  1. Legendary VR 

Legendary VR

We watched iMax movies to better engage ourselves with the characters and the storylines. Now, with the Legendary VR app, developed by Legend Pictures, movie lovers can enjoy a more immersive experience so as to be a part of the movie. In the app, Legendary VR offers users a 360 degree cinematic perspective in the movies like Godzilla, Warcraft, Pacific Rim, including the most recently released one, Crimson Peak.


  1. VRSE – Virtual Reality 


This VR app provides its viewers an exceptional cinematic VR experience with a series of 360 degree curated videos. There are many versions for video contents, such as NYT Mag VR: Walking New York, Evolution Of Verse, SNL 40 – Seinfeld Q&A, Vice News VR, Clouds Over Sidra, Catatonic Trailer, etc. By integrating the video content with VR technology, the app is aiming to bring human’s visual experience into the next level: make 2D imagery alive. The best part of the app is that you don’t need to have a headset device to watch the content; yet, Vrse requires iPhone 5s above or Android 4.4 above to be downloaded and viewed.


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