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The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide For Business

Instagram continues to prove itself as a growing marketing trend for businesses. The focus on community, creativity, and mobile consumption differentiates Instagram from other social media platforms, which is the exact reason that companies should step into this promising platform. So here comes the question: how can brands use Instagram strategically and successfully?

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How To Stand Out From The Social Media Clutter?

Are you a small or local business owner with a small budget to invest on social media marketing? Or are you the Chief Marketing Officer or marketing specialist who are trying to make your startup company visible on social media platforms?
In this article, I interview Rachel Polish, the Content & Marketing Director at Sue B. Zimmerman Enterprise. Rachel talks about how business is doing on one of the hottest social media platforms: Instagram, and some tips to overcome the common obstacles that you encounter.

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The Instagram effect

Think Like An Instagram Marketing Expert

From the former post Social Media Marketing Conundrum: Does Instagram Work For My Marketing Plan?, we discussed some unfortunate cases of some companies using Instagram to promote themselves and didn’t receive enjoyable results eventually. However, few unsuccessful examples don’t mean that Instagram is not an ideal gold mining place to dig treasure. This week I had attended AdvertisingWeek’s seminar “The Instagram Effect“, where I learned some inspiring marketing ideas and how they leverage Instagram to meet the companies’ objectives.

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4 Quick Tips To Create Your Engaging Content

In this competitive and cluttered business world, every brand is striving for a chance to be recognized and be noticed by the consumers. The battlefield becomes even nastier when it comes to digital platforms. Everyone is talking about “engage with the users”, “engage with the readers” “engage with the viewers” and praising everything that relates to ENGAGE. But how exactly can the marketers “engage” with the people they want to reach? To be more specific, how to create engaging content?

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How To Increase Your Website Traffic 1000% In 8 Weeks?

The short answer is content marketing. Sounds simple and confused at the same time right? “Content Marketing” is becoming a buzz word for every marketer in recent years. Some believe its power and some don’t. However, the fact is that the effects of content marketing has been widely proved in many successful cases, especially for blogging. Take Tresnic Media as an classic example, its Blogging Case Study: Increasing Website Traffic 1,000% In 8 Weeks is one of the most amazing cases in digital marketing industry.

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Blog In Stylish Way – featured Song of Style

If you don’t know Aimee Song, at least you should heard of her famous blog “Song of Style“. Since her blog is full of everything that wins both girls and women’s hearts, it’s not surprising that she attracts 4 million views a month and the collaboration with some retail clothing companies. Her blog contains various themes: outfit, beauty, travel, interior design, fashion week. However, sometimes Song will write something special for her viewers, like the Valentine’s Day handicraft: Confetti Balloon DIY.

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Why you should read Seth Godin’s blog?

“[Godin] is a demigod on the Web, a best-selling author, highly sought-after lecturer, successful entrepreneur, respected pundit and high-profile blogger. He is uniquely respected for his understanding of the Internet.” —

I learned about Seth Godin from the courses of last semester and I immediately fell in love with this marketing guru as I entered his website, which is clean and easy to follow. Also, you can find his sense of humor for he encourages visitors to click at his head image to get access to his blog, using his brain as a metaphor to represent his ideas. (Funny but smart!) Seth Godin has managed his own marketing blog integrating with the content of his daily reflection, bestselling books and social media. With great content and great UX, it is not surprising for him to win more than 50 million viewers per month to his website. Continue reading →