Nail Your Client Reporting in the Digital World

Writing reports can be time consuming since you always have to wreck your brain out just to find out a reason behind all those data changes. And there’s another problem that’s taking most of your time: the formal/professional way to phrase the outcomes and factors.

So I’m gonna share some of the perfect usage of words to make your reporting life easier and the reports themselves exactly client-facing.


If you want to say something that doesn’t change a lot…

Here are some phrases to use:

  • Remain flat/stable/consistent
  • Maintain steady


If you want to state a growth in numbers…

Here are some phrases to use:

  • Surge at x %
  • Increase/Grow/Went up/Rise/Uplift/Uptick
  • Strengthen/Improve
  • Gain/Generate
  • Have seen stronger performance
  • Sustain a growth
  • Have seen improvement
  • Aid improvement
  • Perform efficiently
  • Outperform


If you want to state a decline in numbers…

Here are some phrases to use:

  • Decline/Drop/Decrease
  • Have/Experience a downswing by x%
  • Reduce/Deprioritize
  • Have seen stronger performance


If you want to mention a goal got achieved…

Here are some phrases to use:

  • Garner/Generate/Yield
  • Approach/Meet/Reach/Achieve


If you want to use some grand adverb…

Here are some phrases to use:

  • Substantially
  • Significantly
  • Noticeably
  • Primarily/Partially
  • Comparatively


If you want to explain causes and effects…

Here are some phrases to use:

  • Lead to
  • Attributed to
  • As a result of
  • On account of
  • Result in
  • Correlated to
  • Owning to
  • Due (in large) to


If you want to sound smarter in SEM reporting…

Here are some phrases to use:

  • Lower(more into purchase)/upper funnel(more into info level)
  • bid on/conquest terms or keywords
  • KPI remain steady
  • xxx continue to be prioritized
  • be further look into
  • with comparatively small investment
  • generate traffic at low CPC
  • at early phase
  • across device segments
  • counterpart
  • site reach/stickiness
  • withdraw bid pressure/aggression
  • rank/reclaim for top position
  • mitigate irrelevant traffic
  • trends wane/recede
  • apply/employ strategy
  • being pulled in/attracted?
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