E-mail Marketing Is Still Sexy To Attract Your Customers!

Try to imagine the reaction of your customers when they receive your company’s email: “Oh, Not again….”, “Why should I waste my time reading this?” or just simply select it and click Trash. If your company’s e-mails become that unattractive, you know there’s a problem with the content of those e-mails.

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Everything Starts From Optimizing Your UX

UX, a strange combination of two English characters, is the abbreviation of User Experience. This term can’t be valued more nowadays because our customers are becoming harder than ever to acquire. Take an example of a company’s website, if you didn’t provide an easy-to-use and comfortable looking platform, your consumers or potential clients might be discouraged when they visit the website at the first time or when they try to learn more information about the company. Thus, the very first thing you need to concern is to improve or develop your site with greater UX and UI.

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Does Location-Based Marketing Really Work?

What is Location-Based Marketing and what is Location-Based Service (LBS)? In few words, I’d say they are the strategies that companies use to incorporate mobile users’ location and promote relevant information to them. Also, why do these terms matter to brands or companies and why should we care? According to Juniper Research, the Mobile Context and Location Services market has reached $12.2bn in 2014. Now, I’m going to give some examples that I found in my daily life, which can reveal more about how these location based ideas are applied in the industries as a growing marketing trends.

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